The dedicated technology of the food waste dryer from "Island land".

Special Technology

Includes the cutting-edge “P-System”
P-System refers to our proprietary technology.

  • About P-System①

    Automatic stopping / Reduced drying times / Lower energy usage

    P-System achieves higher drying efficiency with less energy usage by incorporating a program that controls the way food garbage is dried in order to create the optimal drying environment. While conventional methods involve drying food garbage for fixed periods of time, P-System determines the optimal state of drying and turns the device off automatically when necessary, which prevents unneeded drying and reduces energy use while drying the garbage in the least amount of time.

  • About P-System②

    Lightweight / Compact / Quiet

    To incorporate P-System, all aspects of the device were carefully designed, including the method for supplying optimal air to the drying process, the amount of exhaust, the collection of food garbage heat energy, and the shape of the device’s interior as we strove to reduce the product’s size, weight, and noise generation.[Designed for Easy Use]

    Lightweight / Compact / Quiet

Pursues superior comfort and peace of mind

  • Drying Technology

    A low-output yet powerful heater

    This device uses a 150 W low-power PTC ceramic heater, which is about one-tenth that of a hair dryer. Air heated to between 60 °C and 80 °C is blown onto the food garbage. The flow of air into the device is optimized to enable drying at a low temperature.

    A low-output yet powerful heater

  • Deodorizing Technology

    Effectively removes odors during drying

    The smell of food garbage will disappear from your kitchen. We analyzed the compound structure of the activated carbon used in the deodorizing filter and the way that the exhaust flows out, achieving a design that funnels air through the filter’s entire surface area to optimize the removal of odors and extend the life of the filter.[Unique deodorizing unit prevents smells]

    Effectively removes odors during drying

  • Noise-Suppression Technology

    Quiet even during operation

    We designed the dryer to be quiet—about 36 dBA while operating—so that it can be used in kitchens late at night without worry. Special care was taken when designing the fan’s RPM, the positioning of the fan and the sound-suppression wall, the way that air flows, and the shape of the damping material.[Quiet operation for late-night usage]

    Food Garbage Dryer
  • Negative-Pressure Technology

    No leakage of odors

    Odors do not leak from this device. This product series is designed to intake air, which prevents odors from leaking to the outside without the use of seals or gaskets. Since it doesn’t rely on sealing parts, the device offers better operability and much-simplified maintenance.

  • Safety

    Designed to handle any situation

    In consideration of usage in homes with kids or pets, this product is designed to cease operation if it falls over or if its upper portion is placed on the floor by itself. The PTC heater also has a maximum temperature of 220 °C. The device is also designed to not operate if accidentally picked up by its handle, and it includes a temperature sensor that shuts off all power if abnormal operation is detected.

  • Antibacterial agent and engineering plastics

    Cleaner and more heat-resistant

    An antibacterial agent that controls the growth of bacteria has been added to areas that garbage easily adheres to. In addition, engineering plastics are used around the product’s drive unit to provide superior durability and heat resistance.
    * Engineering plastics are materials that can be used for long periods of time in environments exceeding 100 °C.

  • About the design①

    Stylish and compact

    This product is compact—about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Its cute and stylish design isn’t reminiscent of a product that processes food garbage.[Compact size for everyday use]

    Food Garbage Dryer

  • About the design②

    Easier to use

    The basket replaces the sink drain shelf, so there is no need to transfer the collected food garbage to another container—you can simply process it in the basket. Its dimensions and hole size were designed with drying efficiency in mind, and its shape allows it to be placed in the sink. This means that you can process your food garbage without any extra effort or changes to your current routine.[Keeps food garbage from getting your hands dirty]

    Food Garbage Dryer

  • About the design③

    More hassle-free

    There is no need to sort the food garbage collected in the basket. And because drying takes place at low temperatures of 60 °C to 80 °C, foreign material such as toothpicks and spoons will not cause a fire or damage the device. Since the basket can just be placed in the device without sorting its contents, your hands stay clean because you don’t have to touch the food garbage at all when drying it. The basket and processing chamber of the PCL series are designed for hassle-free cleaning with a sponge, and their roundish shape allows you to soak them in detergent. There is also no danger of hard objects like shells or bones damaging the device, as there is no mechanism for crushing the food garbage.[Works on anything so no sorting required][Can soak in detergent for easy sanitation]

    Food Garbage Dryer

Special Research

We’ve conducted research in many areas to make the device easy to use in your home. A portion of that research is introduced here.

  • Research①

    Food Garbage rots due to water and bacteria

    Around 80% of food garbage is made up of water. When food garbage is left sitting for just one day, the bacteria in it multiple by a factor of approx. 10,000 and it starts to rot. Drying out the water content and bacteria in food garbage prevents it from rotting.[Effects of Drying]


  • Research②

    Drying prevents rotting while controlling bugs and flies

    Drying your garbage can keep your kitchen clean by preventing rotting, foul odors, and the presence of flies. And since dried garbage weighs 80% less due to the loss of its water content, it is much easier to gather up and take out.

    [For a clean interior]

    Dried Food Garbage

  • Research③

    Can also be used as organic fertilizer

    With minimal effort, you can use dried food garbage as organic fertilizer by breaking it into small pieces and mixing it with soil. This also prevents animals from digging it back up after it is buried in the ground.[Use as Organic Fertilizer]

    Use as Organic Fertilizer

  • Marketing

    The many problems of food garbage

    We deal with food garbage every day, but it’s actually a huge hassle and takes a lot of time. We listened to the comments and opinions of many different people then developed this product series to solve those problems.

    [The many problems of food garbage]

  • Societal Contribution

    Why did we create a food garbage dryer?

    Main Office

    We are researching and developing products so that our customers could easily and comfortably dispose of their food garbage without hassle. We also believe that reducing the emissions caused by garbage is a societal problem, and we wondered if we couldn’t achieve environmental conservation at the point when garbage is generated within the home. About half of the burnable garbage produced in a home is food garbage, and almost all of that is water content. Transporting and burning the large quantities of water in undried food garbage is extremely inefficient, so that is a problem we have to solve.